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The children are all assigned to one of ten houses and are awarded house points for a range of positive behaviours: hard work, good behaviour, kindness to others, co-operation, politeness etc. (All staff members can award children with house points.)

The achievement of each house is celebrated during each Monday morning assembly. This encourages a sense of belonging and fosters co-operation. The house points are recorded on a display board in the main corridor. At the end of each half term the winning house has a tea party. Staff members are also assigned to one of the houses.


Auburn –   Red                              Mrs S. Tolley

Burstall –   Blue                             Mrs L.Tulloch  

Cleeton –   Orange                       Mrs J.Granton

Northorpe –   Cerise                    Mrs T.Bowling

Owthorne –   Black                      Mrs E. Williams

Parkfield –   White                       Mrs J. Hethrington/ Mrs K. Canning

Pasture –   Green                         Mr M. Coleman     

Ravenspurn –  Yellow                Ms. C Fox / Mrs H. Clemence

Seathorne –   Purple                  Mrs W.Riley 

Southorpe –   Pink                     Mrs D. Spalding